Wharton International Investment Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing District, Beijing, Chaoyang District, Beichen Road 8, B 408, main investment management, real estate development, property management and so on. Companies adhering to the "customer service, Yongpangaofeng" business philosophy, adhere to the "honest and trustworthy" principle for our customers to provide quality services.
Project investment and investment management; investment consulting; business management; real estate development; sales self developed commercial housing; property management; organizational culture and art exchange activities (excluding performances); hosting exhibitions; motor vehicle public parking services. ("1, without the approval of relevant departments, shall be open to the public to raise funds; 2, shall not be disclosed to carry out securities products and financial derivatives trading activities; 3, shall not grant loans; 4, not to invest in enterprises other enterprises to provide guarantee; 5, not promise to investors against loss of principal invested or committed minimum income; legally subject to the approval of the project, approved by the relevant departments according to the approved content to carry out business activities.